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15 of the Best Apps for Green Living

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From calculating your carbon footprint to exploring green commuting, here are some of the best apps to help you live more sustainably.

1. Carbon Footprint Calculator
This app makes calculating your carbon dioxide outputs easier using information on the cost of your latest house utility bills. You can then work on reducing your carbon footprint by trying to reach a target based on your current numbers. The Carbon Footprint Calculator also provides tips and ideas on how you can achieve your reduction goal.

2. Carma
Carma is a carpooling and carsharing app that helps you share a ride with others thus helping reduce your commute’s carbon footprint

3. Commute Greener
Android, iOS
Commute Greener does exactly what its name says. It helps you explore ways to green your transport offering eco-friendly options to reduce your daily commute’s carbon footprint.

3. EcoSpeed
EcoSpeed helps you save up to 30 to 40% on gas. It offers more fuel-efficient route options. It also comes with features that include maximum speed alert among others and provides you with guides for optimal driving while reducing your carbon emissions.

4. Electricity Meter Reader
Want to keep track of your electricity consumption? Electricity Meter Reader provides you with information on how much energy you are using and how to reduce, if needed.

5. Energy Cost Calculator
Android, iOS
This apps calculates daily, weekly, monthly, or annual cost and usage of energy. It provides users with insights on daily utility consumption.

6. Fuel calculator
Android, iOS
Fuel calculator calculates fuel usage on a given route. It also provides you with information on fuel cost and volume needed for a trip, and more.

7. Go Green
Android, iOS
Want to start making small lifestyle changes to live more sustainably? Go Green provides handy tips and guides on eco-friendly living to help you get started.

8. GoodGuide
GoodGuide makes shopping for eco-friendly products easier. It helps you find the best products and use the barcode scanning feature to get more information about a specific item.

9. Green Genie
Green Genie is an educational app that provides a wealth information like the different types of plastics, their respective life cycles, and the best ways to recycle them.

10. Green Globe
Green Globe is leading certifier of sustainable travel and eco-friendly tourism-related businesses. The app helps you travel more sustainably by providing a wide array of information on environmentally friendly hotels, attractions, and more in various destinations worldwide.

11. greenMeter
GreenMeter is an eco-friendly driving app. It allows you to glean insights on the way you drive and the efficiency of your particular driving style or habits. It provides you with useful information that you can use as reference to make changes if needed.

12. Grow Planner
Grow Planner is a garden planning app that helps you find the information you need to grow edibles like fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

13. HowGood
Android, iOS
HowGood helps simplify grocery shopping, specifically picking the right products based on metrics like health and sustainability among others. It makes it easier to sift through all the marketing jargon and pick the best rated products that meet your criteria or requirements.

14. inBloom
inBloom is an eco-conscious, location-based app that you can use to green businesses like sustainable restaurants, eco-friendly stores, farmers’ markets, and more near you.

15. iRecycle
Android, iOS
For the uninitiated, disposing waste may seem like a daunting task. The iRecycle app provides access to an extensive recycling database to help you find out the best means to dispose an item. It also offers information on the locations of disposal facilities near you.


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