Remember These When Facing A Car Emergency Somewhere Unfamiliar


It’s a great day for some “me” time by the seashore, you say to yourself one bright sunny morning. You then pack for a three-day trip to a famous beach resort about 20 miles from the neighborhood you’re currently in and to make your trip even more memorable, you decided to go to your destination via your trusty Ford Ranger. During your trip, you passed by other popular landmarks that somehow made it easier for you to navigate your way towards the beach resort you’re looking to arrive before nighttime on your third day on the road. However, as you took a shortcut due to the main road that is only about 5 miles from your destination turned out to be closed down for renovations, your Ranger suddenly broke down and got you stuck somewhere unfamiliar with not even a structure around in plain view.

I’m sure that the first thing you would do is go out of your car and panic – or even so, scream the hell out for help.

But you know what? Don’t.

Because there’s no need for you to be afraid. All you need to do is remember these when facing a car emergency somewhere unfamiliar:

Get back inside your car and lock the doors.

The reason for this is quite simple. Since you’re facing a car emergency somewhere unfamiliar, there’s no concrete way to know if the road you’re currently on is extremely safe – be it from wild animals or ill-willed people. Then again, you can always count on the saying, “prevention is better than cure.” So, it only makes sense for you to get back inside your car and lock the doors while you assess the situation rationally – and of course, without the possibility of you yelling bloody murder just because you weren’t able to act on what should have been a basic: keeping yourself safe first and foremost, especially if you’re all alone and even if you do know a little bit about gauging your car.

Check out your phone signal and equip your tools.

Checking your phone signal is probably the most important thing you could ever do when you’re facing a car emergency somewhere unfamiliar. It’s not just about you having the means to communicate what happened with an expert, but also about you having a backup plan in case you still don’t get any form of help after a while and that is to finally call someone you trust. More so, what better way to ready yourself in case other unexpected things happen while you’re alone and waiting for help than with your own tools like those used when one is woodworking? Mind you, those tools would really come in handy at times like this one.

Any other reminders when facing a car emergency somewhere unfamiliar? Share them with us below!

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