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5 Car-Free Places from Around the World

Imagine living in a car-less city or at least one where you will find the fewest people driving cars to get around. For some people, it is already a part of their daily life. Here’s a look to some of the cities from around the world where you will find the fewest cars.

1. Fire Island (New York, USA)
Fire Island
The 32-mile long Fire Island is a place where you will not see anyone driving around in cars. Instead, people walk or get around using bicycles, boats, water taxis, or golf carts which are small enough to navigate the quarter-mile wide island. This makes the island an excellent getaway for anyone who wants to escape the hustle and noise pollution of the city to bask in more quiet surroundings.

2. Giethoorn (Overijssel, Netherlands)
The picturesque and serene village of Giethoorn in the Netherlands is often referred to as the Dutch Venice. Like the famous Italian city, Giethoorn boasts of canals where boats glide in the midst of charming scenery and beautiful traditional houses. People get around by boat using the waterways or on some of the narrow lanes that are just wide enough for walking or bicycling.

3. Mackinac Island (Michigan, USA)
Mackinac Island
While Mackinac Island has only about five hundred permanent residents, the number of people usually swells as soon as the summer season sets in. The resort town is a popular getaway drawing people from different places who want to enjoy the island’s beautiful attractions and more laidback atmosphere. With motor vehicles banned for over a century, living or visiting in Mackinac Island means getting around on foot or by bicycle. Or you can opt for a ride in one of the island’s famous horse-drawn carriages to get to where you need to go.

4. Vauban (Freiburg, Germany)
Vauban Freiburg
Built as a sustainable model district, Vauban is home to more than 5,000 inhabitants. The neighborhood was designed with sustainability in mind. Houses are built following low-energy consumption standard. Walking and biking are the main means of transport and getting to designated tram stops for commute is easy since most houses are built near them. This urban district is a pioneering project that showcases the conveniences of life in a place created with sustainability in mind.

5. Venice (Italy)
There are a lot of unique things about Venice that captivate and provide you with experiences that you will not likely find elsewhere. But perhaps one of the things that set it apart, and not often talked about in many travel stories, from other places is its complete lack of cars. You only have to take a walk at the centro storico or historic centre to fully appreciate the difference of moving about in a completely car-free space.


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