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Even with cheaper gas prices, the weaning off gasoline personal challenge continues. So apart from committing to car free days I’ve also been following sage advice on how to make it more fuel efficient. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as hard as I thought. It was mostly a matter of driving smarter and paying more attention to the small things that can actually rack up fuel costs.

1. Keeping an eye on maintenance

Proper maintenance not only improves the car’s efficiency. The reduced emissions likewise makes it more eco-friendly. A win-win situation from where I’m standing. With a well-maintained engine, the car guzzles up less gasoline. Keeping the tires properly inflated and checking for dirt in air filters are also among the little things that add up to the vehicle’s overall performance.

2. Taking out unnecessary stuff

I’ve made it a habit to take out unnecessary items in the car. Apart from the essentials, I try to keep the car as stuff-free as possible. And when I do need to bring along heavy items with me, I make sure that I remove them from the car as soon as I’m done with them. I used to just leave things in the trunk, especially the ones I use from time to time. Now I take them out then just put them back again when I need them.

3. Avoid the rush hour

This is a no-brainer for most people. Who would want to deal with the stress of driving during rush hour, right? But there’s more to avoiding traffic jams than keeping the stress at bay. The frequent stop and go cycle that happens during travel use up more fuel. So unless there’s an absolutely good reason for me to travel during rush hour, I’d rather wait it out.

4. Don’t let it idle

And idling car wastes ends up wasting more gas. I’m guilty of doing this frequently in the past. It wasn’t something I really gave much thought to before. Now I’m more conscious about avoiding this.

5. Drive in a steady pace

Driving in a steady pace isn’t only safe. It also helps in saving gas. I don’t have a habit of overspeeding so this advice really works for me. One trick I learned though is to choose routes with fewer traffic lights.

6. Plan your trips

This is a fairly simple rule to follow. Planning trips could minimize unnecessary drives. Organize trips together with family members who may need to go on errands. This makes everything more efficient and cost-effective.


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