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Eco-Friendly Things You Can Do Anytime


Let’s face it. Our world needs us more than ever. Mother Nature, as we speak, isn’t the same Earth as we know from science textbooks. With the rise of technology, we need to be more sentient about things that might cause harm to the environment. And with the rise of other industries, we need to be more vigilant about doing things that will only cause harm to the environment.

That being said, it’s only right for you to start doing eco-friendly things – not just at certain times of the day, but at any time of the day – in order to raise more awareness on the importance of being sentient about things that might cause harm to the environment and the significance of being more vigilant about doing things that will only cause harm to the environment.

Here are some eco-friendly things you can do anytime:

Birdwatching At Home

You don’t need to go far, driving hundreds of miles away, just to see birds fly high in the sky. You also don’t need to spend much, buying lots of high-tech gears, just to see birds fly high in the sky up close. All you need to do is learn how a spotting scope works and voila – you can now go birdwatching at the comforts of your own home! You can learn how they work here.

Shopping Organic Food

One great way to be eco-friendly is to shop organic food, instead of the usual store food. This is because (1) organic food are healthier due to ingredients being grown naturally, (2) organic food are more affordable due to ingredients being grown locally, and (3) organic food are tastier due to ingredients being harvested freshly.

Properly Segregating Waste

Another great way to be eco-friendly is to properly segregate waste. This is not just for you to be more responsible, but also for you to be more aware on the consequences whenever waste is not properly segregated. Some of these consequences include air pollution, water pollution, flooding due to blocked sewers, poisoning due to contaminated interactions, and more.

Reducing Electricity Consumption

This is probably the most common, yet the most effective of all eco-friendly things you can do anytime. Reducing electricity consumption will not just help you save money on bills, but also help you save the energy sources from totally running out. This basically applies to energy sources like hot springs and even waterfalls.

Any other eco-friendly tips and ideas? Share them with us below!

Car Free Day – The Perks of Driving Less


Taking on a personal challenge to save gasoline not only meant following the advices I’ve read about fine-tuning my car to make it more efficient. I also decided to commit to a car free day at least twice a month, at least in the beginning, to see how it works for me. It wasn’t an easy decision to make since I’m used to driving myself around. It’s always been more convenient for me, especially if I need to rush. Here’s how this car free day have been working out for me. One thing I can say, it has indeed resulted to some savings on my part.


I took a two-pronged approach to this carpooling idea. I enlisted the help of my family and started sending feelers at the office to people who live near me. Luckily, both strategies worked. I was able to rely on both during my initial twice a month car free days. I immediately saw the advantages of the arrangement. All of us who carpooled were able to save on driving costs. While I’m used to driving, I have to say that it was nice to just ride in the car from time to time. Another perk was that it gave me the chance to catch up with my family and friends from work. It was far from the often quiet trips I make to the office on my own.

Public transportation

Taking the bus and subway took some adjustments on my part. I was initially worried about getting late. I’ve experienced being delayed in the past because of unforeseen problems on the road not to mention the unexpected traffic. The only solution was for me to leave earlier than usual. But despite the occasional annoyances and inconveniences, I’m beginning to appreciate the advantages of going for this option. And it wasn’t as stressful as I thought it would be.

Bike to work

I haven’t done this yet although I’ve seen some people at work doing this. I don’t think that I’m ready to make this kind of commitment. But I do see the advantages. One of the biggest draws of this idea is that I’d be getting the exercise I normally have trouble squeezing in my regular schedule. If this works for me, I’d probably be driving less than I still do now.


I may not be walking my way to the office given how far it is from home. But I’ve been doing a lot more walking lately since I started using public transportation. On car free days, I have to walk at least one block from the bus stop. I have to say this whole taking the bus or subway thing has been keeping me fit.