Bows over Firearms: Sustainability through Hunting


Hunting has been around since the time our ancestors first learned how to make use of fire. From a being a primordial source of food, it became a necessity for the survival of human race.

Fast forward, hunting is now more of a recreational sport that relieves the past cultures and traditions of men. Unfortunately, there has been a noticeable decline of big games because of unbridled hunting activities worsened by use of deadlier and potentially harmful mediums in hunting.

For hunting to continuously flourish and the environment with its wild to have a chance of surviving, it is definitely the time to encourage practicing bowhunting over the use of firearms in hunting. Still not convinced? Here are more reasons for you to ponder.

  1. The bowhunter becomes more in tuned with the environment.

In developing the skills necessary to approach and hunt the quarry at ranges much closer than the animal’s normal reaction/escape distance, bowhunters choose a deeper natural experience that requires more time to harvest quarry. This brings up a more challenging way to hunt and in turn making them committed and ethical outdoor enthusiasts.

  1. Bowhunting is a silent, non-disturbing, and safe hunting method.

This makes bowhunting a possible activity in areas that are in closer proximity to developed and urbanized areas. Successful urban bowhunting programs show the potential of these wildlife management programs.

  1. Bowhunting minimizes exploitation of resources.

Bowhunting expenditure is not made against nature but contributes to its better management. Bowhunting doesn’t correspond to the exploitation of an inexhaustible natural resource but to a clever management of the countryside (faun, land, forests, urban parks, nature reserves), not as easily possible with traditional hunting.

These arguments prove that bowhunting manages to resolve differences between hunting and ecology. Since the way of bowhunting promotes a hunting that is equitable, viable and livable making it well-matched with the notion of sustainability.

So what are you waiting for? Choose now from a variety of adult and kids compound bow for the beginners, or recurve bow for a more traditional approach. Encourage your family and friends for a chance to commune and be one with the environment.

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